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Time To Study Educational Center has a rich educational offer. We recruit all year round for professional and language courses. We try to adapt classes in our center to the individual needs of each client as best as possible. We want the knowledge to be transferred in a reliable manner, which is why our lecturers undergo special qualification tests. The employees are the best, with higher education and teaching qualifications.
Our strengths are:
We have our own studios equipped with the most modern audiovisual, multimedia, computer, cosmetic and hairdressing equipment.
Reliable knowledge
- we employ the best lecturers, outstanding practitioners,
- we work on proprietary curricula,
- we periodically conduct practical tests of students' skills,
- we organize shows where our clients present their skills,
- we prepare professional training materials for our clients,
- we participate in the nationwide mock exams with Operon,
- we diversify the classes with demonstrations, outdoor activities, in companies and enterprises.
Individual approach
- we offer prices for all budgets, some trainings in our education center are for FREE,
- we create small groups.
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